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Intech Plastic-on-Metal Bearings

Gear Landing Content offer hero(1)For a more in depth look at Plastic-on-Metal Bearings: Download our white paper showing case studies and real world data.

When designing motion systems that require rollers or cam followers, many engineers still believe that only all-metal components will fit the bill. Yet cam followers and rollers with polymer bearing surfaces have emerged as a high-performance alternative to traditional metal motion components.

These composite cam follower and rollers combine a plastic load bearing surface with a metal roller bearing or structural hub. Sized as drop-in replacements for standard sized metal rollers, composite cam followers and rollers offer some compelling technical advantages— including reduced maintenance costs, improved performance and extended lifecycle.

Our latest white paper delves into all the engineering details you’ll need to know about composite cam follower and rollers. You’ll learn about the types of polymer that work best in motion systems and see application examples.

Download the paper today and learn how plastics can improve your cam- and roller-driven motion systems.

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