Maintenance Free Industrial Grade Components For Demanding Applications

Where uptime, lubrication, noise, or corrosion are a problem, Engineers trust INTECH’s greaseless and maintenance-free components to enable innovative systems design. See why market leaders in industries like Semi-Conductor, Medical, Packaging, and Robotics choose Intech to design industry-defining products, life-saving devices, and best-in-class production lines.

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Custom and Off-the-Shelf Components
Constructed with PowerCore™

INTECH’s proprietary PowerCore™ material provides manufacturing components
with greater durability, higher performance and lower maintenance needs than traditional components.

Best in Class - Precision Gears INTECH is the leader in High-Performance Plastic Gears, Engineering lubrication-free gearing for Medical ... Reliable - PowerCore™ Gears
A Leader Among Followers Proven & Patented. Our 21st-century Cam Followers outlast traditional cam followers up to 10X, reduce ... Durable - iCAM® Followers
Quiet & Clean Track Rollers INTECH’s high load track rollers: resist flats: run lubrication free, don't wear untreated rails. Capable - Intech Rollers

High-performance, Lubrication-free Components

Components constructed out of iNTECH’s PowerCore quickly recoup your investment due to their greater durability, clean operation, low noise and high structural integrity.

Our components are helping manufacturers increase their output cleanly, quietly and reliably.

Intech was very supportive on the front end of the design. They helped with the design of the components, which a semi-custom design based on their iCam® Followers. Intech knows the material specifications and their own manufacturing capabilities and worked closely with us to create the right part for the application

Mitch Blalock | Manager of Positioning Products for ViaSat

We really needed to go out and find a product manufacturer that could provide specific custom components to alleviate all of our primary concerns. One of the principal requirements was that the gears are self-lubricating to prevent contamination of the process. They also had to last in the harsh environment

| Director of Engineering, Despatch

The reason the Intech roller was implemented was because it provided a very smooth rolling surface, and offers lubrication-free operation, which is necessary in such a clean environment. More importantly, though, is the roller’s aversion to taking a compression set. Further, through life testing the roller was found not to show wear for extend life cycles.

Bob Krug | PerkinElmer Automation

Intech’s PowerCore pinions and cam followers took care of two of the major problems with our rack and pinion system at once: the PowerCore components virtually eliminated the problem of friction, which was a defining factor in the reduction of noise in the system, reducing it by half, their ability to customize to our needs was essential, we had the design finished in less than 24 hours.

Richard Glazier | Automation Engineering KLEENLine

These rollers had to operate quietly, in extreme environmental conditions, including high humidity or sub-zero temperatures, at high speed, be maintenance free and have a long life, all of the rollers we looked at were inadequate in many ways until we found Intech iCams® and chose them for our design. The rollers we bought from Intech used higher-grade and longer lasting bearings than found in most off-the-shelf metal components.

James Carver | President of JAMCO

Improved Performance & Reduced Maintenance

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