Cannex 2013 - Booth 934

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Visit the intech Booth to learn about Intech Components for: 

Belvac necker 595 and 795, Super K

  • Drive gears
  • Transfer gears
  • Transfer box gears for joining two neckers
  • Square rams
  • Air selector face seals
  • Non-lubricated cam followers - For Intech rams &  For Belvac rams

For ANC Neckers:

  • Drive gears
  • Non lub pins
  • Cam followers

For Decorators:

  • Anti-backlash gears

For Inkers:

  • Inker blades

For Decorator II

  • Oscillating cylinder cam and gear
  • Shaft scraper

For Reynold Spin Flanger

  • Gears

For RT6 Light Tester

  • iCamFollowers®

Benefits of self-lubricating Intech Power-Core gears:

  • No oil draining or refilling
  • No more oil leaks
  • Reduced noise
  • Absorb shock and vibration
  • Integral metal core for high torque transmissions and reduced back lash
  • Proven performance, sudden stops (jams) did not damage gears
  • High impact strength
  • Do not swell or lose tensile strength in moisture
  • Available for 575, 795 and modular models
  • Used in joining two multi-stage neckers
  • Expected (calculated) life: 10 years plus
  • Over 300 gears installed in Belvac Neckers

Note: Gears installed in 1994 are still running strong

Savings Achieved with the Intech Ram Program:

  • No more lubrication on rams or cam followers. Savings on grease, maintenance time and possible can contamination.
  • Low ram replacement cost.
  • No more worn cams. Saving cost of replacing a cam and approx. 10 to 15 hrs of lost production.
  • Saving on frequent changes of worn metal cam followers, especially on spring pre-loaded high speed models.
  • Prevention of premature cam and cam follower wear due to mal-functioning central lubrication system.
  • Saving time needed to clean grease from the turret to gain access.
  • Proven long ram wear times.
  • No more repair and assembly of worn rams. Savings on maintenance.
  • Improved rejection rate to about 0.1%. The square rams guide better. No more lift and twist.
  • Up to 25% line speed increase is possible due to lighter ram assembly, corresponding lower inertia and easy rolling, lighter weight iCam®Followers.
  • 22 to 25% energy savings. We measured 25% less energy consumption on a 795 line equipped with Intech square rams compared with a line using the original Belvac rams.
  • Simple, proven design. Full cam contact is assured by slightly reduced cam followers' center distance. Shock load is absorbed by the cam follower tire.
  • With the new Intech Ram 40MM you can convert a 10 stage 595 to run 2800 to 3000cpm, a Super-K design speed, for under $500K, and eliminate lubrication and cam wear.

    Types of Belvac neckers on which the Intech Exchange Ram can be used:

    • 595
    • 795
    • Super-K
    • Modular


    Intech rams can be installed on turrets alongside Belvac original rams. We recommend installing two Intech rams at a time to balance the turret.


    If you have to install a new cam, we recommend installing all Intech rams with iCam Followers® on that turret. You will never have to change that cam again.