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Metal shavings, lubricants, out-gassing and other chemicals — eliminate these sources of contamination using PowerCore™ components.

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Why PowerCore Components Eliminate Contamination

INTECH’s industrial grade polymer components run lubrication free, are corrosion resistant, and are available as either grease-less or lubricated for life.  That means you won’t have to worry about  metal-on -metal wear, contamination from lubricants, or line stoppages due to dust, fiber, or wash-down related cam follower failures. All while still benefiting from smooth, quiet low-friction, long-wearing, maintenance-free production. Most lines see at a 2x-4x reduction in total direct components cost and many achieve over 10x ROI from the up and down stream impacts of cleaner, faster, smoother production.

Find the ideal PowerCore components for your application.

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