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Implementing PowerCore™ components in your application is easy; the resulting cost savings in maintenance, lubrication and product lifetime are astronomic.

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4X Component Lifespan

Metal components require constant lubrication and monitoring, and even with that attention, they still wear themselves and mating components out. iNTECH’s proprietary PowerCore polymer is self-lubricating, dimensionally stable and lasts for millions of cycles, outlasting even other polymer components.

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4 minute read
| July 15, 2022

Replacing Cracked Track Rollers - An ElliptiGO Gets Smoother & Quieter

A customer, Tim ONeill, recently reached out to Intech looking for a small quantity of flat track rollers (Intech FT1-1.500...
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| September 2, 2021

Small, Greaseless Cam Followers Rise to the Occasion in Robotics Applications

Have you ever run into issues trying to select small cam followers for your application? If the answer is yes, you’re not...
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| July 15, 2021

Quiet Gears Improve Patient Comfort and Imaging Quality in Medical Equipment

If you have a medical exam or procedure that involves X-rays, mammography units or robotic surgery equipment, the last thing...