Intech Drill

Intech Drill

The Drill:

The HP-Drilling System is the result of several years of assembly floor engineering and refinement. The precision holes and countersinks necessary in modern airplane assembly can be produced in one operation. The system produces these fastener holes fast, easily, and economically. Chips and drilling dust are removed by an attached vacuum system (shown with optional Powerflex arm).



  • Handheld Precision Drilling & Countersinking in One Step
  • Produces Accuracy of Automated Riveters in Composites and Comp/AL Stack-Ups
  • Lightweight, Easy to Handle, Ergonomic Design
  • Powerful, Quiet Operation
  • Friendly to the Environment Due to Vacuum Removal of Chips and Drilling Dust Directly Through the Unit
  • Specially Designed Drill Template Bushings
  • Engineering Support for Template Design and Drill Bit Selection

img266Areas of Use:

This system is universally useable and its economy is especially apparent in prototype development, small and mid-size series work. Although the system was primarily developed for aircraft production, it is equally suited for other work areas where composite and composite/metal structures are drilled (automotive, construction applications, etc.).

Automatic Operation:

The drilling system incorporates an expansion bushing which is inserted into a drilling template. Once the start button is pressed, the expansion bushing locks the drill into the template and a piston presses against the assembly surface. This eliminates gaps and ensures perpendicular alignment (even on curved surfaces). The hole and countersink are then drilled.

The entire operation is automatic from the moment the start button is pressed. Upon completion of the fastener hole, the unit is removed and the fastener may be installed without removing the template.

HP-Drill Technical Information