Handheld riveting gun loads and installs blind rivets fast

In just 2 sec, the handheld Automatic Blind Rivet Installation System from Intech Corp., Closter, N.J., feeds, installs, and clamps blind rivets, and removes the stem, in a single operation. The rivet is automatically blast fed from the mobile sorter to the feed attachment which loads the rivet into the gun's nozzle. The stem is broken off automatically and vacuum removed through the nozzle into a collection bin, leaving the area free from debris.

By placing the gun nozzle with the rivet loaded over the hole, the operator inserts the rivet into the component stack-up. When the trigger is depressed, the gun automatically sets and clamps the rivet. The gun applies enough force to break the rivet shaft at a designated break-off point. The leftover stem is then vacuum-removed through the nozzle into a collection bin. Integrated with the sorter is a riveting process control unit. The sorter-controller also supplies power and SPS (Series Parallel Series) memory control, and holds the rivet hopper, stem vacuum hoses, and supply hoses connected to the rivet gun. The compact gun is said to easily integrate into machine tools and assembly robots. Available nozzles accommodate 3/16 to '/4-in. rivet heads with varying lengths.

The handheld system is typically used in automotive applications such as fabricating bumpers, as well as in trailer truck superstructures, railroad cars, and aerospace construction.

riveting gun

As seen in Machine Design: JANUARY 27, 2000