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Power-Core Thermoplastic - The Top Performer in Polyamides

describe the imageIs dependable performance of critical parts a problem?

Is early wear of important parts raising your maintenance and operating cost?

Enter Power-Core's Domain and leave your wear costs behind.

Power-Core Standsout within the family polyamides (nylons) due to its unique, tension-free, homogeneously crystalline structure, achieved through a unique casting process. This structure allows for Powercore to be among one of only a handful of polyamides that does not absorb moisture even when submerged.

INTECH Power-Core™ (PA12GC) shapes are made from laurinlactam resin and are available in a wide variety of sizes of rods, tubes, rods with cast-in metal cores, and plates. Machined into parts, Power-Core delivers high performance which provides a unique combination of the physical properties of plastics, metal and ceramics, securing Power-Core's Domain among polyamides.

Gear machining cost can be cut significantly with prefabricated, gravity cast, custom shapes.

Rods with cast-in metal cores, are especially preferred in maintenance. Gears machined from this stock can transmit torque previously achieved only with metal gears. The knurled shape of the metal core guarantees a molecular and mechanical bond between metal and PA12GC, allowing the transmission of the full torque found on the keyway, machined into the metal core.

INTECH Power-Core™ non-metallic gears and rollers offer several advantages over metal and other plastic components:

Delrin (POM) - Acetal

  • higher torque transmission
  • longer life due to lower wear
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Better material stability (lower inner polymer tension) allows for more precise machining.
  • Lower creep

Nylon (PA 6 -  PA 6,6 - PA 12 extruded - PA 6,12)

  • higher torque transmission
  • longer life due to low water absorption


  • weight reduction
  • noise reduction
  • self-lubricating
  • shock absorbent
  • non-corrosive
  • no need for hardening or grinding
  • replaces bronze in worm gear applications

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