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Self-Lubricating Gear Improves Quality and Wear in Demanding CPG Manufacturing Process

Intech Guide Rollers Help Precision Cutting System Run Smoothly

High Speed Retractable Conveyor Relies on Intech PowerCore™ Components

Intech Supplies Solar Panel Manufacturer with High-end Cam Followers

Power-Core™ Rollers Provide Reliable and Secure Fit

Self-Lubricating Gear System Replaces Complex Pulley Drive Train

Green Manufacturing Initiative Utilizes Composite Material

Aggressive Solvent Meets its Match

Engineered Composite Gear Solves OEM's Concerns

Tough, Precision-Engineered Roller Replaces Cam Follower

Engineering Analysis of Load Unlocks the Key to Creating Long Wearing Rollers

Medical Latex Dipping Device Gains Longer Life

Advanced Linear Motion Technology Is Applied to Effortless Opening of Doors

High Speed Roller Reduces Noise, Does Not Wear Rail

Metal Core Dissipates Heat, Reduces Backlash

New Generation of Cam Followers Replace Metal Units to Reduce Rail Damage

Composite Worm Gears Increase Efficiency and Wear Life in Tough Applications

How to Solve a Roller Problem in Heavy Doors

Articles & Features

PD&D: Semiconductor Test Handler uses Precision Cam Followers

Solar Power Engineering: Semicustom Cam Followers used in the Manufacture of String Ribbon Silicon Wafers

Aerospace Manufacturing & Design: Self-lubricating cam followers and gears replace steel and stainless steel components in a satellite dish

Zip It Up--Packaging Design Engineer

Gears From Scratch--Mechanical Engineering Magazine

Design News: Designing Plastic Gears To Last

Gear Technology: Low Inertia, Zero-Backlash Gear Designed for Timing Critical Application

Machine Design: Roller Materials

Power Transmission Design: Size Wise Roller Article

Product Overview: Benefits of Intech Power-Core™ Rollers

Special Project Report: Intech Power-Core™ Gears for Neckers

Intech Power-Core™ Drive Gears for Metal Plating Drum

Gear Solutions: Q&A with Georg Bartosch, President Intech Corporation

Intech Power-Core Newsletters

Newsletter 1-1 -- iCamFollowers Perform in Sub Zero Temperatures

Newsletter 1-2 -- Guide Rollers Hold Camera Steady on Suspended Race Track Gantry