Gear Calculation

"I would like to eliminate lubrication in my gear drive, but will plastic gears last?"

We hear this question in many variations every day. Together with a leading university we developed a gear life calculation, to reassure our customers of the reliability of Intech Power-Core™ Gears. This calculation is a modified steel gear calculation (tooth root stress), and includes a calculation of the cycles required to wear out the tooth flank. This is especially important in applications with little or no lubrication. The gear life calculation is based on experimental data collected in gear tests over a period of twenty years. We can say with confidence that the calculation has become a reliable predictive tool.

Sample Gear Calculation

Gear Life Calculation Input Data - Number of Teeth, Face Width, Diametral Pitch, Shock Load Factorimg190Operational Data Output - Torque at Pinion / Gear Shaft and Pitch Line VelocityLoads and Safety Data Output - Gear Tooth Root Stress and Flank Pressure