An Engineer's Guide to Plastics - White Paper Library

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 In this white paper we outline a step by step process Intech engineers used to evaluate a Cam driven system, Select one component, and optimize that component to eliminate all cam wear, reduce total line energy consumption by 20%, Increase line output, eliminate cam related unscheduled downtimes, and ultimately reduce costs.

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Plastic Cam followers Whitepaper

  In this White Paper we show the benefits and shortfalls of using polymer cam followers and rollers in motion systems. We examine the use of polymers for guide rollers, load bearing rollers, and drive rollers. We also suggest which polymers are best suited for Cam Follower and Roller applications.

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Intech WP Medical v21

 In this White Paper we examine the use of Plastic gears in medical equipment and outline the ways engineers were able to reduce noise, eliminate image chatter in x-rays, and run without any lubrication.  This Medical Gearing case study has many take aways for engineers concerned about noise, lubrication, backlash, or wash downs

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Intech AP PolymerSolution v2

 In this Application note we examine how Intech Power-Core impellers were able to resit cavitation, corrosion, and erosion in very harsh test environments. This paper outlines those tests and the benefits achieved by intech's power-core Impellers. 

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