Roller Calculation

"Will plastic rollers or cam followers last in my application?"

We hear this question in many variations every day. Together with a leading university we developed a roller life calculation, to reassure our customers of the reliability of Intech Power-Core™ rollers. This calculation includes calculation of flat development and number of expected life cycles.

The roller life calculation is based on experimental data collected in tests over a period of three years and with over a decade of field results that have consitently met or exceed our calculated expectations. We can say with confidence that the calculation has become a reliable predictive tool for durability of plastic rollers.

Sample Roller Calculation

Input Data - Roller Radius, Face Width, Edge Fillet, Rail Radius, Radial Load, Speed, Contact Width and LengthLoads and Safety Data Output - Perpetual Rolling Force and Hertzian StressPlastic Roller Life Expectancy - Cycles (Roll Overs)Initial Rolling Force Calculation