March 30, 2011

Energy efficiency improves export chances - linear motion products

I recently attended a round table discussion with Mrs. Beryl Blecher, Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs U.S. Mission to the European Union based in Brussels. One topic stuck in my mind – energy efficiency. Mrs. Blecher emphasized that energy savings are very important to European governments, industrial buyers and consumers alike. She also said that US manufacturers often lose in competition with European manufacturers as their equipment does not exhibit the same energy efficiency, perhaps even if the price is lower. Here are links to details about the energy ruling by the EU commission you might find useful.

Current action plan

New action plan coming

CSEU Market Research Report   (Please note that EU law on energy performance of buildings has since been adopted).

While it is a somewhat lengthy reading, it speaks of ambitions goals of 20% in saving energy by 2020 and I believe, points out a big opportunity for US manufacturers. The lower value of the Dollar is already giving us a head start and energy efficiency built into your equipment could help to close the sale.

Relying on our 30 year history, we at Intech Corporation would like to be a part of your efforts to design and produce energy efficient equipment by providing low inertia, high efficiency gears and linear motion products.

iCamFollowers for energy efficiency High efficiency gears

Do you have an application we can help you analyze to see where we can identify energy efficiencies? The analysis is free. Please give me a call at 201-767-8066 or Toll-Free on 1-877-218-2650 and ask for Georg.

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