September 25, 2013

Next Generation Motion Control and Engineering Meet in a Short Film

In a recently released film named BOX, Bot & Dolly teamed up with the design director of Tron to take engineering design software and motion control technology to the next level. These robotic motion control systems have many other equally astounding applications in manufacturing. The precision of these systems is terrific, we hope you enjoy the video above.

Intech has long worked with the leaders in motion control to create elegant solutions to motion systems. As such our components play a large part in quiet, self lubricating, and maintenance free motion control. Recently we began working with pick and place robotic systems to eliminate the noise and wear associated with constantly operating robotics.

Bot and Dolly's Kuka systems robots are a great example of where Intech Power-Core components could one day reduce wear and noise and potentially improve the live production quality of a CG projected and robot controlled screen show. Our Current work in motion control has been focused on improving linear and rotary motion with our patent pending iCamfollowers, a quite rolling, self lubricating, maintenance free cam follower. As well as, our self lubricating cams for cam driven mechanical operations.

These two advancements in material application allow us to create or retrofit components in the most advanced mechanical systems on the planet. When coupled with our long term advancements in self lubricating gears, we are proud to offer a complete engineering solution for advanced self lubricating motion control and power transmission systems.

We look forward to one day seeing a BOX type production at our local theaters and hopefully helping make the motion as silent and worry free as possible.

Download our packaging design case study below to see how Intech components have already improved volume, speed, and longevity of production lines.

Download the design case study

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