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Wear life of Power-Core gears can be calculated in advance

Posted by Simon Barrell on Aug 18, 2009 3:59:00 PM

The “Lewis Formula”, proven accurate in calculating the life of metal gears, often provides skewed results in plastic gears.

So our engineers at Intech have developed a proprietary gear durability calculation software program that enables us to precisely predict the operating life of the Power-Core™ gears that they design and build.

Parameters used in the gear calculation are based on data obtained at a leading university during a decade-long study. The calculation includes both tooth root stress and contact safety stress under a wide range of temperatures and rotational speeds.

The result: a calculation that accurately predicts performance, wear reliability, and the expected gear life for the given operating conditions, even before the gear is machined.

The calculation is also used to properly size a gear for any application, making the use of lubrication-free gears possible.

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