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Roller Assembly Technology that Effortlessly Opens Doors & Partitions

Posted by Simon Barrell on Jan 27, 2011 12:31:00 PM

Manufacturers and designers of precision sliding doors and indoor/outdoor architectural partitions are always searching for rollers that offer quiet performance and ease of operation to meet the customer’s demand for effortless, noise-free operation.

Intech Power-Core™ rollers were originally designed for demanding, high speed, linear motion devices, but have proven to be an ideal solution for use in opening doors and partitions. Intech Power-Core™ rollers and trolley systems have been designed to resist flat development, they will not absorb moisture, and do not wear out the rail. The durable, dimensionally stable tire material carries high load and retains strength over a wide temperature range (-40ºF to +140ºF).

The roller is assembled using a proprietary thermotechnology, rather than injection molding, to ensure precision and stable configuration. When combined with a precision roller bearing, this process creates properties that account for a very quiet and smooth ride.

Power-Core Track and Trolley System
INTECH Power-CoreTM Track and Trolley System

Manufacturers and designers of sliding weight-bearing products have found that Intech Power-Core™ rollers offer a unique excellence in ergonomic presentation, stability and performance under virtually any temperature, moisture or load condition. The Load capacity per trolley is 200 lb, while on our Aluminum Track and Trolley set the capacity is 400 lb.

Applications for Intech Power-Core™ roller and trolley systems include fine furniture, cabinets, sliding doors, office partitions, luxury boats, airplane cargo doors, oversize doors for commercial and industrial refrigeration units, and automatic doors for trains and commercial buildings.

Our team of in-house engineers review each application for suitability and provide expected wheel life calculations. Engineering support and assistance extends to the complete shaft and trolley system design.

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Sliding-door roller assembly permitted by fire and building codes

Posted by Simon Barrell on Apr 6, 2010 1:16:00 PM

Fire and building codes were modified a decade ago to permit the use of horizontal sliding door systems in many applications. A key factor determining this change of code was the realization that modern sliding door systems could provide easer passage in an emergency than conventional swinging doors, so long as they ensured an effective barrier to fire and smoke.

The International Building Code elaborates on this issue. Section 1008.1.2 of the code states that “egress doors shall be side-hinged and swinging,” but offers an exception: “In other than Group H occupancies, horizontal sliding doors complying with Section 1008.1.3.3 are permitted in a means of egress.”
Specifically Section 1008.1.3.3 of the International Building Code requires that the horizontal door systems:
* Shall be power operated and shall be capable of being operated manually in the event of a power failure;
* Shall be openable by a simple method from both sides without special knowledge or effort;
* The force required to operate the door shall not exceed 30 pounds…to set the door in motion and 15 pounds…to close the door or open it to the minimum required width;
* The door shall be openable with a force not to exceed 15 pounds… when a force of 250 pounds…is applied perpendicular to the door adjacent to the operating device;
* The door assembly shall comply with the applicable fire protection rating and, where rated, shall be self-closing or automatic closing by smoke detection, shall be installed in accordance with NFPA 80 and shall comply with Section 715;
* The door assembly shall have an integrated standby power supply;
* The door assembly power supply shall be electrically supervised;
* The door shall open to the minimum required width within 10 seconds after activation of the operating device.

As long as the horizontal sliding-door systems meet those performance standards, they are allowed. Notwithstanding, these doors can be extremely heavy requiring a trolley and roller system capable of carrying the load smoothly and free of noise. Intech designed a swiveling trolley for a 500lb door panel with two load carrying Power-Core rollers to ensure that the load to each roller is distributed evenly. Two of the trolleys carry the door panel. A third roller, mounted independently on this custom design was used to prevent the heavy door panel from swinging sideways.

Swiveling two wheel trolley resized 600
Swiveling-two-wheel-trolley with third guide roller for heavy sliding door panel

Intech guide rollers are used in sliding doors on ships, trains and airplanes as well as in many architectural installations, and find their origin in demanding industrial applications. Intech Corporation is constantly striving to improve its roller designs and help our customers extend the life their products in heavy duty applications.

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Self-Lubricating cam followers replace steel in outdoor applications

Posted by Simon Barrell on Nov 16, 2009 11:09:00 AM

Our customers have been asking us to help them with components for machines that will operate in ever harsher conditions. Intech iCam Followers® and Power-Core™ guide rollers feature a unique crystalline structure that is resistant to flow under static load, and provides long-wearing, non-lubricated performance. The devices do not wear out the rail, do not absorb moisture and, when fitted with stainless steel bearings, are suitable for wash downs and harsh and corrosive environments.

Unlike other plastic material, Power-Core™ does not become brittle in low temperatures. iCam Followers® and Power-Core guide rollers reduce maintenance and down time by retaining good bearing fit from -40° to 160° F, retaining elasticity, and absorbing shock and vibration in sub-zero temperatures. The devices are not only quiet and easy rolling, they do not generate metal particles, which can further increase down time potential.

Intech Rollers for High Security Door
Intech Rollers for High Security Door

Intech Power-Core rollers, cam followers, and trolleys are assembled from precision machined high performance, self lubricating engineered plastic tires and quality roller bearings. The plastic part of the roller fully envelopes and embraces the bearing outer racer which in turn provides high capacity to carry side loads.

The Power-Core rollers and iCam Followers® are available in stock sizes with load capacity from 60 to 500 lbs. Trolley assemblies feature aluminum track and trolley systems with attachments. Custom sizes and dimensions and tire shapes can be developed to meet specific applications.

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