gearsPolymer Gears with metal cores 

Self-lubricating plastic gears with metal core reduce noise, absorb shock and vibration 


RollersPolymer Rollers

Durable non-lubricated plastic rollers custom designed to carry high loads and eliminate rail wear

icamIntech iCam Followers

Standard sized polymer cam followers designed to replace metal cam followers such as Mcgill and RBC in most industrial applications. We also provide free design and consulting services for creating custom and semi custom cam followers. Ask an engineer how upgrading from metal could reduce your downtime and maintenance. 

camsIntech Cams

INTECH Power-Core™ cams replace metal cams in high speed machines and exhibit damping behavior which leads to reduced stress peaks

camsIntech Polymer Conveyor Rolls

INTECH Power-Core™ v -shaped plastic conveyor rolls replace traditional metal and urethane conveyor rolls in pipe welding and pipe conveyor systems.

Composite Impeller | intech powercore Intech Pump Impellers

Intech Power-Core impellers replace metal and composite impellers because they do not suffer from cavitation, corrosion or erosion.

Rotary Index TableIndex Tables

For clean rooms, low inertia, no lubrication, wash down resistant and backlash free

Insulated PartsInsulated Parts

Electrically insulated cast parts, custom cast enclosures, high voltage electrodes

Linear SlidesLinear Slides

Quiet, precision-motion components with long wearing Power-Core rollers


partsParts for Neckers and Decorators - Aluminum and Steel Can Making

Eliminate lubrication while increasing component life and machine speed


pulleysPulley's and Sprockets

Wear resistant characteristics help eliminate metal particle contamination and reduce friction, inertia and vibration


shapesShapes and Availability: Selecting Correct Material Size

Learn more about material sizing for gears and other products available from Intech