April 22, 2013

Cannex 2013 - Booth 934 Atlanta May1-3 2013

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Cannex 2013 May 1 -3.  Intech is proudly presenting its full line of light-weight , long wearing, and self lubricating components for the can making industry. Stop by Booth 934 for more information about Intech's patented self lubricating Square Rams for Belvac Neckers, Our Patent Pending line of Cam Followers, and our full line of necker and body maker gears, Inker blades, and air selector face seals.

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Following in the tradition of engineering and manufacturing light weight, self-lubricating gears and cam followers, since 1993 Intech has been developing long wearing, lubrication free machine components for the can making industry. These components, some running several times longer than the original components, reduce operating costs by eliminating lubrication, allowing increased output by lowering inertia and by reducing the amount of maintenance and down time through increased component life. Reduced energy consumption comes as a welcome bonus.

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Eliminating lubrication while increasing machine speed and at the same time reducing wear and extending components’ life seems contradictory, yet we accomplished this goal by using new light weight materials, advanced coatings, and by improving existing design.  We also use the latest engineering software to design and calculate the structural integrity of the parts.


Our engineers spent time analyzing the reasons for high wear, high rejection rates and component’s premature failure. Based on the analysis, we were able to design parts to counter the forces leading to wear, failure, etc., often developing new engineering calculations to assess the useful life of the components. In the process we registered several patents. Our efforts are rewarded with parts that last beyond our initial expectations, and produce savings greatly improving the ROI. For example, many of the patented Intech square rams initially installed in the year 1999 on a 595 Belvac necker are still in operation, continuously running between 2450 and 2700 cpm without lubrication, and a measurement of  electrical consumption on the 795 line with installed Intech rams show 25% energy savings.


With the introduction in 2006 of Intech composite cam followers in the necking operation, we have succeeded in developing a 100% self lubricating ram. No more grease build-up on the turret and perhaps more importantly, no more cam wear. 

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Download a whitepaper on how and why Intech designed it's patented sqare rams by following the link below:

Download the design case study

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