February 13, 2014

Modified Plastic Gears For Electronic Power Steering (EPS) Systems

At the beginning of the 1990s Electronic power steering was just beginning to hit the main stream. Delphi - since bankrupt was on the forefront of the R&D. During a ten year period numerous tests were made with plastic gears as a choice for EPS systems. Power-Core(tm) PA12 Cast Nylon plastic gears were among the top finalists.

The polymer properties of Power-Core(tm), in particular the ability to cast and mechanically bond the polymer around a metal core - aluminum, steel or brass - and insure optimum power transmission with minimum creep. The shock dampening qualities of the material allow the gears to withstand both curb shocks and obstacle ride overs. The natural tendency of the material to  return to its natural position also adds to the quality of driver feel as noticed in cornering and general steering response.

In recent months we have had a number conversations on the topic of electronic steering, the core problems seems to be the same now as they were in 1990. Unfortunately, with more performance automobiles, namely the Porsche 911 and electric cars, moving to electronic steering we are excited to have a renewed interest in our power-core plastic gears and as car people look forward to one day driving a car that we can be certain has the best electronic steering possible.

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