March 1, 2010

“Will plastic rollers or cam followers last in my application?”

Together with a leading university we developed a roller life calculation, to reassure our customers of the reliability of Intech Power-Core™ rollers. This formula includes calculation of flat development and number of expected life cycles.

The roller life calculation is based on experimental data collected in tests over a period of three years. We can say with confidence that the calculation has become a reliable predictive tool for durability of plastic rollers.

Frequently we get asked about the durability of our plastic rollers and cam followers. We thought it would be good to give readers a quick link from our blog to the Roller Card, which you can download, edit and then send to us with data pertinent to your application:

Sketch for Roller Calculation Data Card resized 600

Example of Sketch and Input Data for Roller Durability Calculation

| August 18, 2009

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