High Voltage Insulators

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The concept of high voltage insulators on the basis of INTECH Power-Core material is considered in the full paper. This material is presented as a combination of metal electrode from stainless steel cast in a specially formulated gravity cast nylon plastic material (PA12GC). The special technology for treatment of metal core (electrode) leads to good mechanical connections on the interface between these two materials and vacuuming. The physical properties of this plastic material allows these insulators to be used for nanosecond range of duration high voltage pulses. The experimental results of study of threshold electrical properties for these materials are discussed. The design of insulators on the voltage 100- 1000 kV is considered. The examples of insulators for pulsed electron accelerators are considered. This type of insulators is reliable, simple and cheaper in comparison with other insulators.Metal Core Diagram

   1. Polymer materials.
   2. Vacuuming of central electrode.
   3. Plastic materials from INTECH on the basis of Power-Core (PA12GC).

Main characteristics of plastic materials Approaches from Intech: PA12GC Power-Core
  • Volume resistivity: 1010 to 1014 (ohm. cm)
  • Dielectric strength: 16-17 kV/mm
  • Dielectric constant: 4.0 (air dry, 50Hz)

Main parameters of insulators
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   1. Voltage: 100-1000 kV
   2. Current: max 1 MA

  • The suggested materials from INTECH for high voltage insulators are acceptable for pulsed high voltage equipment of pulsed electron accelerators.
  • The main advantages of these insulators are their simple design, good physical characteristics and affordability.

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