Intech Linear Slides

A stable linear motion platform with low rolling resistance, long wear life, and requiring no lubrication. In many applications we are asked to create a solution that will operate in a sanitized environment, so our linear slides are designed for easy cleaning access and to withstand frequent washdowns.

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Roller Assembly sketch

Trolley Design Configurations

  • Several lubrication free concave Intech Power-Core rollers
  • A third flat guide roller takes the side load and guides the linear motion of the platform
  • Platform is mounted on four brackets smoothly along the rail with two parallel round shafts
  • The Intech Power-Core rollers use stainless steel ball bearings with less rolling resistance


Linear Slide with Intech Roller Assembly

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  • Self-lubricating operation
  • “Backlash free” movement – thanks to the three rollers mounted on each of the brackets
  • Two concave rollers, one eccentric , are used to secure the assembly in the vertical plane and an additional flat roller, also with an eccentric shaft, takes any horizontal load
  • Adjustable - Two flats on the stand off part of the shaft shafts, between the roller and the bracket, allow application of a flat wrench while adjusting the eccentric rollers on the shaft
  • Designed for easy cleaning access
  • Easy assembly - The same bracket can be used in either the left or right position, which means the platform size is adjustable according to the application needs
  • Can support platforms, weighing around 300 lbs
  • Platforms may be driven by belt drive





Intech Power-Core™ rollers and gears reduce contamination, since they are non-lubricated, and this makes them ideal components in Filling-Sealing-Packing Machines for food, dairy, cosmetics, beverage, and the water industry.