High Speed, Low Inertia, Self-Lubricating Cams

Cam in PrintingINTECH Power-Core™ cams replace metal cams in high speed machines and exhibit damping behavior which leads to reduced stress peaks. Additionally the high performance plastic cam offers high resistance to wear with limited or no lubrication, which is critical to avoid contamination.

Cam functions:

The cam mechanism is very versatile and its typical use is to transform a rotaryCam with metal core motion into a translating or oscillating motion. It is also used to transform one translating or oscillating motion into a different translating or oscillating motion. Cams can be both rotating or stationary.

Benefits of INTECH Power-Core Cams:

   1. Reduced inertia
   2. No lubrication required
   3. High speed
   4. Damping properties reduce stress peaks
   5. Noise reduction
   6. Absorb shock and vibration
   7. Chemical resistance/washdown
   8. Long wear life
   9. Cast-in shaft for rotating cams
  10. Design assistance
  11. High ROI

Applications for Intech Cams Include:

  • Compacting
  • Filling Machines
  • Food Processing
  • Packaging
  • Printing
  • Stitching Machines
  • Tablet Making
  • Pick and Place Machines
  • General Engineering


Cam in SealingCam materials:

      Most cams are machined out of steel and the rail surface is case hardened and ground, all adding to the cam's cost. These cams can be heavy, require lubrication and when worn their replacement usually requires a lengthy down time. The high inertia of the metal cams present a limit to RPMs they can be used for.

      Intech Power-Core cams are up to 7-times lighter, do not require lubrication and exhibit long wear life. They can be used at much higher speeds in both stationary and rotary applications because of their lighter weight and the damping properties, which help to reduce stress peaks on the cam, and other parts of the machines. The plastic material, cast onto a metal shaft in rotary applications, can be precision machined, is dimensionally stable, does not absorb moisture and is resistant to wash down and other aggressive chemicals.