Pulleys & Sprockets



INTECH Power-CoreTM timing belt pulleys exhibit wear resistant characteristics which eliminate metal particle contamination and reduce friction, inertia and vibration.

The light-weight, composite pulleys permit higher belt and rotational speeds and require less energy to bring machinery smoothly and quietly up to full speed or to slow down during frequent stop-and-go operations, to outperform pulleys made of traditional metals.


Benefits of INTECH Power-Core pulleys:pulley

  • Self-lubricating feature reduces friction
  • Minimal pulley wear
  • Precision machined from composite material cast around metal hub
  • Metal hub permits secure attachment to the shaft
  • Allow high torque transmission & high speed operation
  • Light weight
  • Reduce centrifugal forces and vibration
  • Minimal sliding resistance for belt
  • Low belt wear
  • No metal dust contamination


  • Available with or without flange
  • For applications requiring frequent wash-downs pulleys can be made with stainless steel core
  • Most common tooth profiles available
  • Standard sizes from 1" to 36" OD


INTECH Power-CoreTM sprockets are available with or without metal core. Please send us your sprocket data and we will be glad to provide you with price quotation, and if necessary with design assistance.

The material's properties lend themselves to superior wear characteristics of the sprocket teeth. INTECH Power-Core sprockets do not wear out the chain.

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