Increase the Speed of Belvac 595 Neckers With Intech Canmaking Products

The hyperlink list on the right provides links to a number of new components Intech Square Ram Mpel 40MMIntech Corporation has developed for the aluminum can making industry. These components reduce operating costs by eliminating lubrication, allowing increased output by lowering inertia, and by reducing the amount of downtime through increased component life.

Eliminating lubrication while increasing component life and machine speed seems contradictory, yet we accomplish this goal by using new materials, advanced coatings, and by improving the existing design. We also use the latest in engineering software to design and
calculate the structural integrity of the parts. Necker GearsAs an example, we used the non-linear finite element analysis to
determine pressure inside the square ram body, to select the non-lubricated coating which would satisfy three years of non-lubricated operation. In January 2001 we received a U.S. Patent on the square ram design.
We will keep you informed of new developments.

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