Typical Plastic Roller Applications

INTECH Power-Core™ plastic guide rollers and iCamFollowers® are constructed with a precision machined plastic tire installed over high quality roller bearings. They run more quietly than metal roller bearings and cam follower bearings, do not wear out the rail or track, do not require lubrication, absorb vibration and shock, do not swell in moisturimg388e, work in sub-zero temperatures and have low rolling resistance. These features, including a high load-bearing capacity, make the Power-Core plastic guide rollers and iCamFollowers suitable for countless applications.

Some examples include:


  • Index Table Support
  • Linear Positioning Devices / Slides
  • Tool Attachment Slides


  • Automobile Assembly Conveyors                       Clean Room Conveyor Rollers
  • Belt Conveyor Guides
  • Chain and Belt Support
  • Clean Room Conveyors
  • Conveyors in Refrigeration Systems
  • Escalators
  • Roller Conveyors, Cartons


  • Camera Guides (TV, NASCAR)
  • Theater (stage panels, stage doors)

Industrial Processing Equipment

  • Automated Warehouse Wheels                        Sqaure ram with rollers for can making machine
  • Can Making Machines (neckers, light testers)
  • Laser Cutting Machines
  • Paletizers
  • Printing and Sorting Machines

Medical Equipment

  • Hospital Beds
  • Incubators
  • X-Ray x-y support

Packaging Equipment

  • Many types (no rail wear, no lubrication, high speed, shock absorption, wash down)


  • Guide Rollers for Radar Base

Semiconductor/Clean rooms (not metal particles, no lubrication, resistant to chemicals)

  • Semiconductor Inspection MachinesRollers for Semiconductor application
  • Solar Panel Wafers
  • Ultrasonic Washers / Slides            

Sport Equipment

  • Exercise Machines
  • Gondolas
  • Ski Lifts


  • Aircraft Sliding Doors                                  Sliding door track and trolley
  • Architecture Doors (500 lbs)
  • Automotive (sliding doors in vans, skid steers)
  • Marine (sliding doors on boats, sea structures)
  • Machine Guard Sliding Doors
  • Train Doors (AMTRAK, subways, Airport people movers)


  • Fire Truck Ladder Guides
  • Truck Seats
  • Lifts

...wherever precision, quiet and effortless motion is required, and high-quality, long-lasting guide rollers and iCamFollowers can reduce maintenance and downtime.


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