Intech Power-Core Thermoplastics Engineering Blog

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Quiet Gears Improve Patient Comfort and Imaging Quality in Medical Equipment

Sealed End-Cap Design Boosts Cam Follower Durability in Washdown Applications

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Plastic Conveyor Rollers Support 30 tons in Pipe Handling Industry

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Polymer Impellers Fight Cavitation Wear In Pumps and Hydraulic Systems

Large Underwater Gear Highlights Nylon's Moisture Resistance

Polymer-Steel Hybrids For Heavy-Duty Rollers For Rack Feeders

Actuator Redesign For High-Speed Belvac 795 Can Making Machine

Powercore Offers Unique Balance Of Properties

Lube-Free Rotary Positioning for Cleanrooms and More

Plastics Improve Roller and Cam Follower Performance

Anti backlash gear design at the heart of clear tomography imaging

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Roller Assembly Technology that Effortlessly Opens Doors & Partitions

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Power-Core Screen Support in Fish Crowder for Oregon River Project

Self-Lubricating Plastic Gear System Replaces Pulley Drive-Train

Cam Followers for RT Light Testers in Can Making Production Line

Drive sprocket for Escalator handrail extends maintenance intervals

Low inertia Power-Core spur gear increases caplet machine output

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Power-Core gear segment and pinion in high-speed card feeder

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Sliding-door roller assembly permitted by fire and building codes

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Combating vibration, shaft bearings are only as good as their grease

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High speed rotating face cams machined from Power-Core™ outlast steel

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Composite Worm Gears Extend Wear Life in Tough Applications

Effects of Moisture on the Tensile Strength of Nylon 12

Moisture Absorption, Swelling in Nylons, except Cast Nylon Powercore

Self-Lubricating cam followers replace steel in outdoor applications

Medical Latex Dipping Device for Easy Cleaning with Proprietary Gear Design

Plastic Gear Train Design For Zipper Pouch Packaging Machine

Wear life of Power-Core gears can be calculated in advance

Guide Rollers Provide Secure Fit Under Varying Loads & Temperature

“Green” Manufacturing Initiative from Power-Core

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